Environmental Impact

I'm decidedly passionate about the environment, and have a fervent desire to take care of it; to that end I am going about building Claire Was a Bear as an eco-conscious brand.

Enamel pins and plush toys are still a meaningful element of my line, but my focus has largely shifted towards the need for more environmentally-friendly everyday items that also exhibit charm and panache. In this pursuit, I work to source natural and conscientiously collected materials for both vendibles and packaging, with a steadfast dedication to organics whenever feasible. Considering the entire life-cycle of each object is an integral aspect of the venture, and I'm always on the lookout for biodegradable and reusable options. My goal is to make the world a little greener, and a dash more whimsical.

While I do send out a certain measure of paper with my merchandise, the kind I have chosen is recyclable (which I discovered is unfortunately not always the case), and some of it is completely biodegradable. I look for paper that's made using renewable energy and a mixture of recycled and sustainably harvested material, and favor soy-based inks when available. I'm striving to present my products in a fittingly polished manner, but I'm determined to make it happen in a way that is kind to the planet and socially responsible.


As for shipping materials, I've opted for a variety that is recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable. Some of them are even fully compostable - you can actually break them down in your own yard! Much to my jollity I also managed to find biodegradable packing tape and an Earth-friendly alternative to bubblewrap - how neat is that?! I admit I'm a bit of an eco nerd, but I just get so excited about these things!

Additionally, a portion of all Flothie™ product sales is donated to charities that focus on environmental issues. Flothies were created to bring awareness to the needs and well being of the planet; they quietly look after ecosystems and foster natural things as they grow to their full potential, making a difference in their own pocket-sized and unassuming way.

I know I only have so much control, that these are small things, and there is always room for improvement, but this is what I can do.

If you order something from me, please help me out and recycle (or compost) the packaging if you can; the Flothies and I would wholeheartedly appreciate it!

Thanks for reading and letting me share my excitement with you!
Stay green, friends! 💚