Hello there, my name is Claire Parks! ♡

I'm the artist and designer behind Claire Was a Bear, a brand that specializes in cute, charming, and whimsical things for the child in all of us - young and old. Initially taking the form of enamel pins and plush toys, the line has subsequently grown from its outset, gravitating towards everyday items made in a more environmentally-conscious way. Adorable creatures, food, spookiness, and nature are themes I particularly enjoy exploring in my work, and the message I intend to convey is the value of embracing your true self and honoring your imperfections.

What started out as an avid collection of both plushies and pins has since blossomed into designing my own products, born of a desire to share my love of these things with the world. Now that I've begun, my enthusiasm for making things knows no bounds! I hope to continue expanding my range of offerings to include a greater variety of daily accoutrements that exude both a care for the environment, and a special vim and flair; just because it's good for the planet doesn't mean it has to be bland!

My inner child also delights in, treasures, and reverently admires picture books. I have felt drawn to create them since the verdant days of my youth; a further exuberance with which I dream of furnishing the world.

Aside from the aforementioned passions, I've always been tremendously fond of miniatures. I soundly relish setting up and curating tiny scenes and snapshots, decorating dollhouses, and just looking at or holding itty-bitty things. There's a certain charm in translating something to a diminutive scale. I also adore washi tape, extrinsic art supplies, and erasers shaped like food...but I digress.

Home schooling and several cross country moves filled my childhood, so I grew up all over the place, but these days I've settled in Colorado with a view of the mountains. I love animals and currently cohabitate with a chihuahua named Gemma*, and a cat named Noodle (or Lord Parmesan, if it's after 5 PM).

I perennially deal with fairly severe fatigue, and occasionally struggle keeping my mental health afloat, but I try to remain positive and search for joy in all of the jumbled moments of my experience. It seems that jubilance and beauty are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. A world where birds can have blue feet must be good!


Inspiration finds me among the little things in life.


*Gemma is most often referred to as Little Bean or just The Bean; she commands many nicknames